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Biathlon Bears Racers

General Information

The Biathlon Bears Racers program is a skill development program designed for young athletes between the ages of 11 and 14 with whom already have develop the fundamentals in the Biathlon Bears program or has the ability to safely handle the 0.22 Biathlon Rifle. The program continues to develop skills and ski and shooting techniques based on the foundation of the Biathlon Bears program while promoting fun and participation through hands-on learning, interactive games, and club competition events.

This program is a great pre-cursor to those biathletes wishing to continue his/her growth in Biathlon competitive streams.


The Biathlon Bear Racers program runs Saturday afternoon from 1:30pm – 3:00pm for ski sessions at Kamview Nordic Centre, and Sunday Afternoon  2:15-4:00pm for range sessions at Thunder Bay Fish and Games.  Program begins 16 Oct 2021 to 27 Mar 2021 and encompasses:

  • 08 Ski sessions at Kamview Nordic Centre
  • 13 Shooting/Biathlon sessions.

Ski sessions will be combined with the Biathlon Bears.  Schedule will be posted on monthly calendars

Program Fee

Program Fees covers

  • Use of club 0.22 Rifle, rifles will be shared and depends on availability
  • Consumables
  • Coaching Cost during club designated competition
  • Coaching Fees in program
  • Trail passes for club ski sessions only


Athletes will have the opportunity to compete in the following events

  • BiON Air Rifle Championships, Duntroon ON – TBD
  • Bruno’s Cup, Date TBD
  • BAM Provincial Championship, Falcon Lake MB – TBD

Membership Requirements

  • Biathlon Bears Racers athletes must be registered with Biathlon Canada and Biathlon Ontario as detailed on our registration page.
  • Trail Pass to Kamview Nordic Centre will be required and purchased separately

Equipment Needed

  • Skate Skis, poles and boots
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Ammunition. Standard Velocity, 40 grains. 2000 Rounds
  • Proper winter attire for being active outdoor
  • Daypack with extra mitts, gloves, toques, socks, etc..
  • Water bottle/Thermos.
  • Arm Cuff.  Arm Cuff can be purchased from Nordic Marksman Inc website

Other Considerations

  • Required Firearm Safety Course certificate within first year of participation.  Copy of course certificate to be submitted to club secretary.
  • Passport and Import permit required for international travel.
  • Recommend to purchase of own 0.22 Biathlon rifle and accessories.
  • Contribute to Club fundraising activities is required
  • Eligibility to participate in this program is at the discretion of coaching staff. Skill assessment will be performed prior to enrolment