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Fees and Registrations

2020-2021 Program Fee Schedule

Categories Part A Part B Total Cost
Biathlon Canada Biathlon Ontario LSB Program Fee
Biathlon Bears (Sundays Only) 10 5 180 195.00
Biathlon Bears Racers (Sundays Only) 40 50  330 420.00
Recreational Program, 17 & Under (Local only, No Racing) 10 5  330 345.00
Core Program, 17 & Under 80 50  440 570.00
Core Program, 18 & Over 80  50 540 670.00
Recreational Programs/Masters (Local only, No Racing) 10 5  500 515.00
General/Supporter Membership 10 10 5 25.00
Coach 15 35 5 55.00
Official 10 -10 5 5.00
Range Observer 10 10 5 25.00
Bona Fide Fundraiser (Bingos Only) 0.00

Schedule Notes

  • Part A is for membership with Biathlon Canada/Ontario and is mandatory for all participants (Athletes, Coaches, Officials, and supporters/volunteers) for insurance coverage. Registrants need to register according to their respective age category.  Recreational athletes who are not racing and those in the Biathlon Bears Program need to register as recreational athlete.
  • Part B is the LSB’s program for participation in specific programs.
  • Program Fees does not cover ammunition, seasonal trail passes to Lappe Nordic Centre or Thunder Bay Nordic Trails, and race/training support for activities outside of local area includes but not limited to training camps, and competition races.
  • Program Fees does not include membership fees to other local cross-country ski clubs
  • Parent or Guest wishing to observe and/or assist in a training practice are mandated to have insurance coverage under the Thunder Bay Fish and Games District Association policies.
  • A volunteer who participate in the TBCC bingos on behalf of an active athlete or coach are automatically registered with the club at no charge and no voting rights.
  • Athletes who are registered as a recreational athlete with Biathlon Canada/Biathlon Ontario can only participate in local area competitions which are hosted by LSB.

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Club Rifle Usage Fee

Members who are registered in the core program and who are utilizing a club rifle, will be subjected to $150.00 usage fee for the season.  Note that the use of the rifles during a session is based on a first come first serve with the following presedence:

  1. Biathlon Bears Racers
  2. Junior Boys/Girls Categories
  3. Sr. Boys/Girls Categories
  4. All other categories

It is also to be noted that members who are registered are in their second year in the Jr. Boys/Girls categories need to consider in renting or purchasing their own rifle. Members in the Sr. Boys/Girls category or above must have own rifle as per the LTAD guidelines. This measure has been acted by the Board of Director to ensure fair use of club resources and ability to maintain the rifles in a good state of repair.